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Cavaliers (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel bread) 
are (with exception of continental spaniels) the smallest spaniels.

They are the best suitable companion dogs for people leaving in both the cities and the villages.

They are lovely and friendly dogs, who love trips to mountains as well as comfortable urbane flats.

Robin a Candy
Holidays in Velka Fatra Mountains

Our big dog family - from left: Ebi (Faidra Caroli Regis), Craig (Ich. Ch. Candyline Craig Lemna Minor), Bella (Bella Modranská perla), Bruno (Brunteles Lemna Minor), Jimmy (Alberto Lemna Minor), Candy (Ch. Florance Moravské lázně), Cindy (Ich. Ch. Cinderella Lemna Minor), Feeby (Ebony Rose Merlin Bohemia), Dance (Ch. Aneridee Riverdance)

Our team

Slovak Champion Florance Moravské Lázně (nicknamed Candy) is lovely blenheim bitch. 

Candy's daughter from her last litter Cinderella Lemna Minor, named to the honour of her grand-mother "Cindy". She is Slovak, Croatia and International Champion.

Cindy's brother, Candyline Craig Lemna Minor, constantly smiling blenheim. He is International, Slovak, Croatia & Hungarian Champion.

Black and tan boy Slovak Champion Aneridee Riverdance (nicknamed Dance) born in Helsinki. 

Blenheim bitch - our grand-daughter Bella Modranská perla - we are co-owners together with the breeder.

Black and tan bitch Faidra Caroli Regis (nicknamed Ebi)- the youngest accession to our herd, born in Czech republic.

Blenheim boy from our first litter Alberto Lemna Minor (nicknamed Jimmi) - we are co-owners.

Blenheim bitch - our grand-daughter Ebony Rose Merlin Bohemia (niknamed Feebie) - she is Jimmi´s daughter.

Kennel LEMNA MINOR was established in 1997, however we have Cavaliers from 1985. 

Our address

Viera Stloukalová, PhD.
Trnavská 15
831 04 Bratislava

phone/fax +421 - 2 - 55 42 53 17