Aneridee Riverdance - Dance - born in February 18th 2002 in Helsinki and he come to our home in May 1st 2002 as a gift for my parents. He is our first black and tan and he is a very special genteel boy.
Robin is the highest authority for him.

 Dance start his show-career on the Special show in the puppy class and he was very promising 2

He won CAJC (CC in the youth class) and best black and tan dog on the Clubshow under Mrs Jane A. Bowdler (GB),
7xCC SK, 2x CC CRO, 3x CC CZ, 1x CC SCG,
1x CC SLO, 3x res. CC SK, 2x res. CC CZ
2x CACIB, 5x res. CACIB, 2x BOB
In the age of 2 years he received the title
Slovak champion. Many thanks to the judges: Dipl. Ing. Boris Spoljarič (HR), Ann Moffat (GB), Krísztyna Opara (PL) & Libuše Ubrová (CZ)

Many thanks to Mrs. Irena Kauppi for this beautiful creation!

Dance - changes in the time
sweet puppy from Scandinavia
Aneridee Riverdance - 2 month old
Aneridee Riverdance - 2 years old

Ich. Crawford Flash Gordon

Ch. Crawford Caprio

Ch. Ricksbury Royal Revenge

Ich. Ch. Crawford Countess

Ch. Homerbrent Flame Dancer

Homerbrent Lowena Quizzical

Homerbrent Jem

Ch. Penquite Sonata

Harana Calvin Klein

Ch. Harana too Darn Hot

Linvid Enchanted Rose for Harana

Penquite Daisy Jane

Fontelania Dancing River

Shalot Lady Elaine of Penquite

Dance's father Dance's mother

Father - Ich. Crawford Flash Gordon "Gordon"

Mother - Ch. Penquite Sonata "Dixie"


Dance in spring 2004