Candyline Craig Lemna Minor - Craig born in October 2000 in our kennel as first puppy of the last litter of our Candy.

He lives with her older half-brother in Ladce village in the Guzoň's family, but we are co-owners of him.

sweet face from childhood

first winning show

Critique from Dr. Andreas G. Schemel
(Club show Bratislava, 20.4.2002):
ery mature 18 month old dog, beautifully balanced, nice head expression, dark eyes, good stop, well set ears, excellent pigment, very good chest, rich top line, very good marking, silky coat, excellent presented, moves well"

Critique from Mrs. Marylin Claydon
(Special show Liberec, 15.5.2004)
"very nice blenheim, good markings, good colour, good neck and shoulders, good top line, nice bant of stifle, lovely head, good nose pigment, would prefer slightly darker eyes, showed realy well, very nice exhibit"

Critique from Mr. Bryan Claydon
(Club show Liberec, 16.5.2004)
"excellent breed type, excelled in head, lovely size, good confermation, in lovely coat, well presented, a quality dog in every way, moved well, showed well"

Craig is very successful on the shows and he win many titles:

Best puppy the Club show 2001 (Mrs. Molly Coaker)

Slovak young champion

Winner Slovakia young 2001

Champion the beauty Slovakia

Croatia champion

International champion

Hungaria champion

Czech champion

Winner Slovakia 2004


27x CAC

7x res. CAC


7x CACIB (SK, CZ, A, CRO, H)

8x res. CACIB

6x Best blenheim dog: on Club show 2002 in Slovakia - Dr. Andreas Schemel, in Czech Republic - Mrs. Karin Bernardis, on Club show 2003 in Slovakia - Mrs. Jane A. Bowdler and on Club show 2004 in Slovakia - Mrs. Sandra Ireland Cooke and in Czech Republic on Special show 2004 - Mrs. Marylin Claydon, and on Club show 2004 - Mr. Bryan Claydon,

Hungarian Club Winner 2002 (Mrs. Carmyn Kingston, Australia)

Czech Club Winner 2002 (Mrs. Karin Bernardis, A)

Slovakia Club Winner 2003 (Mrs. Jane A. Bowdler, GB)

Winner Special show in Czech republic 2004 (Mrs. Marylin Claydon, GB)

9x BOB

1x BIS

Club champion the Slovak Cavalier and King Charles spaniel club

Top cavalier 2002 & 2003 the Slovak Cavalier and King Charles spaniel club

always excelent up to 4th place

growing to beauty

winner in Salzburg
CACA, CACIB, BOB on International Dog show Salzburg

 Candyline Craig and Brunteles Lemna Minor 

Craig's father
Father Ch. Milkeyn Monarch at Lymrey
Craig's mother
Mother Ch. Florance Moravské lázně

Ch. Milkeyn Monarch at Lymrey Ch. Lymrey Royal Scnadal at Ricksbury Ch. Emsmere Royalist
Ch. Lymrey Top of the Pops
Water Lilly of Milkeyn Ch. Moonglow Venturer
Milkeyn Cleopatra
Ch. Florance Moravské lázně Ich. Ch. Immenhof's Movie Star Ich. Immenhof's Donovan
Judyland Bit of Blarney
Cinderella Moravské lázně Ich. Ch. Fontelania Crest
Ch. Betty z Jiříkova

May 2004 Craig as Winner the special show, BOB, at the Special show in Liberec (Czech Republic)

Candyline Craig Lemna Minor
is International Champion

Many thanks to judges: Dr. Ingrid Mikulášová (CACIB Trenčín and CACIB Brno), Mrs. Karin Bernardis (CACIB Salzburg) and Mr. Petru Muntean (CACIB Zagreb)

Also many thanks to Zdenka and Marián Guzoň's, who are co-owners of Craig, and they love him and do care him very well.