Ebony Rose Merlin Bohemia - FEEBY is our granddaughter J - her father is our Alberto Lemna Minor - Jimmy. Born in February 18th 2006, at the same day like our Dance (Aneridee Riverdance). She cam to our home in the end of April and she is our sweet pretty.
Alberto Lemna Minor Ich. Ch. Aneridee Christmas Star Space Mision Via Chantiz
Crest Essence
Ch. Florance Moravské lázně Ich. Ch. Immenhof´s Movie Star
Cinderella Moravské lázně
Anncourt Thelma Ich. Ch. Deeriem Thelonius of Anncourt Linjato Ace of Base
Karabel Kristy of Deeriem
Anncourt Lindsey Ch. Mandolic Living Legend
Deranmar Lucia of Anncourt

father: Alberto Lemna Minor mother: Anncourt Thelma

Feeby and her brothers and sisters 3 weeks old. Feeby is in the middle.